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Welcome Home

"Home" means different things to different people. For some the word means warmth and love, for others it's safety and peace of mind. It might conjure images of bright green grass in a sprawling backyard, or a crackling orange fire in the beautiful brick hearth. It could be as simple as choosing the right style for your kitchen cabinets, or as complex as installing a cutting edge, voice-activated security system that ensures you a peaceful sleep each night. Whatever the word means for you, Paramount can build it. We'll help make a house your home. 

“The people at Paramount are the real deal- easy to work with, flexible, and when problems occur (which they inevitably do), they're always ready to make things right. They'll get the job done and they'll do it right- highly recommended!"

Jonathan C, The Wonsa Group

We have projects going in several popular locations around the Metro Atlanta area. Please contact Andrea Cueny with Ansley Atlanta Real Estate for more information. We are developers as well as custom home builders, so if you are looking for a larger acreage track for your home, our network of agents can help you find your dream location.

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